Billy Fraser

𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔐𝔬𝔫𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰

Billy Fraser (B.Bath, UK) Multidisciplinary artist organising self supported & community orientated art programmes within London. Resident artist at Collectivending HQ (2019 - Present)

Selected Exhibitions

2019 Collectivending HQ, Housewarming launch, 3 Creekside, Deptford, London, SE8 4SA
2019 Built Collective Ending Studios & HQ Gallery, London
2019 ABSINTHE §3 (Curator) for full programme details visit
2019 ABSINTHE §2 (Curator & Artist) for full programme details visit
2019 ABSINTHE §1 (Curator & Artist)for full programme details visit

2018 ‘Studio.Us.Is an Experiment’, Curated by Andrew Hart, Dyson Gallery, RCA, London
2018 ‘Black Box Curatorial Project’ Solo Show Black Box Space, University for the Creative Arts Farnham.
2018  Extended Call Pt.3 ,(Curator) , Subsidiary Projects’, London
2018 PV July 13th  ‘Parasite Pt.2 ’,(Curator), RCA Sackler Building, London
2018 Reunion, Assembly Point Gallery, London
2018 (H)AKT’, Tanner Street Gallery, London
2018 ‘painting pavilion’ Fringe Arts Festival, Bath
2018 ‘Cosmic Perspectives’, Lumen Residency, Tanner Street Gallery, London
2018  ’Extended Call Pt.1 ’(Curator), 10 Soho locations, London
2018 ‘ABSINTHE (prototype)’ SE15 (Curator) collective group show, London
2018 ‘V22 open studios’ WIP Show, 180 Illderton Road, London

2017 ‘Mutants’ Hosted by Lincoln Projects, Camden, London
2017 ‘High Rise’ Safe House I, Peckham, London
2017 Its Art Call 2017’ D-Contemporary Gallery, 23 Grafton Street, Mayfair, London
2017 ‘MEGALOPOLIS’ Curated by Billy Fraser, Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix Gallery, London
2017 ‘KALLIDA Festival’ (Think Tank) Baskerville Hall, Clyro, Wales
2017 Chelsea Undergraduate Degree Show, Chelsea Collage of Art and Design, London
2017 ‘STANDBY’ Curated by Billy Fraser, Ugly Duck Gallery, Capstan House, Canary Wharf London
2017 ‘School of Light’ Lumen Residency Exhibition, Tanner Street, London
2017 ‘Interim Show’ Triangle space, Chelsea Collage of Art and Design, London
2017 ‘Reclaim Space’ (Think Tank) Ugly Duck Gallery, Capstan House, Canary Wharf London

2016 ‘Translations’  Triangle space, Chelsea Collage of Art and Design, London - November          
2016 ‘Aqui y Alla’ Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea, London  
2016 ‘Housework’s’, 33 Fuller Place, New York, America
2016 ‘Chelsea Summer show’, Triangle space, Chelsea London
2016 ‘HotBed’, 55, St Georges Square, Pimlico, London

2015 ‘Panorama’, Residency at Guadalajara University, Guadalajara, Mexico  
2015 ‘Seize Something’, Safe House Peckham, London                            
2015 ‘Territories of practice’, group show, Chelsea college of arts, London

Text, Residency, Shortlist

2019 Collectivending Billy fraser, artist profile  
2019 Coeval Magazine on ABSINTHE §2
2019 Absent Minded Residency, Gaillac, France, 3-10 June 2019
2019 Art Verge Story behind the artwork, Interview with Billy Fraser.

2018 EXTENDED CALL Takes over Londons disused spaces, Floorr Magazine.
2018 Shortlist for Set space working class bursary award.
2018 A Universal Gaze: Coming to Terms with the Current Predicament with Gender, By Charlie Siddick for DATEAGLE ART
2018 Extended Call, Vice interview
2018 Shortlist for Neo Residency In Bolton.

2017 Floorr Magazine, Issue 12 - interview with graduate Billy Fraser

2015 Artist Residency led by George Black-lock Universidad De Guadalajara, Mexico

2014 ‘Between representation and Abstraction’, limited print of 25, 151 page hardback.

Info: collectivending
Instagram: @Fraser_resarf