Extended Call Pt.3
Curated by Billy Fraser & Nelle Gevers
Full Documentation can be found here
Extended call is a project initiated in London which brings together a variety of artists, makers & curators, disrupting hierarchies and fostering alternative forms of display.

Through a succession of events and dialogues Extended Call's intention is to question and experiment with parameters such as access to space in London, collective curation, spatial take-overs, support networks and current constraints faced by emerging artists.

The exhibition at Subsidiary Projects features the artists from the past instalments of this collaborative project as well as artists invited following an open call.

The density of the artworks within the space seems to reflect a genuine need for space in London and abroad, for communities and accessible places for experimentations. The sole parameters of the shows have been carried in the form of spatial constraints.

The show will feature two performances on the private view, and will conclude on the 23d of September with a discussion inviting Paul O’Kane, Natalia Gonzalez, Ellie Wang, Andy Wicks and James Capper to share their observations of exhibiting and curation within London.

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