Kingdoms 5
Site specific, situated painting installation.
Pitch black room with stage, three suspended paintings targeted toward the spectator. Red light source flashing at 5 second intervals with rotating heating element, present for the duration.

 Kingdom I
 183 x 244 cm, oil on stretched   canvas.
Kingdom II
183 x 244 cm, oil on stretched canvas.
Kingdom III
183 x 244 cm, oil on stretched canvas.

‘Got way too scared & left. Darkness tried to stop me. What is this sorcery?  MAYA’

‘Fish dont like Art, love your work.’

‘Love the haunting reveal - very intense.’

‘Dark indeed.
Elequant solution to a basic problem of painting, well done!’
‘Time enables you to see the work (as you climatise). Intense.’

‘The mind is its own place, and in itself / Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.’

‘I was quite disturbed. Well done Billy.’

‘Amazing work, great use of light!’

‘Way to hot in there.’

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