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“Think Tank deals with both art spaces and the subjective viewer. We, as artists, have no control over how our work is received. I wanted to create a space in which to display artworks somewhat outside of this issue of subjectivity. I have begun using ThinkTank as an alternative mode for displaying artworks. The only condition of the space, is the instruction that artists make work aimed at engaging with the fish inside of the tank, the spectators” - Billy Fraser, Standby, 2017                            

Since the Projects inception 8 months ago the peice has traveled across england and has welcomed multiple different artists. For future collaborations and enquires, contact Billy Fraser directly.

Zachery Dietrich exhibitor, 18th Nov – 18th Dec 2016, Chelsea Studio space, London.

Reclaim Space”, 13th January – 11th February 2017 Off Quay, London. Curated by Ugly Duck and Dolly Kershaw.

Mimi Hope exhibitor, Feb 25th – April 2ed  2017, Chelsea Cookhouse, London.

Fred Le Sueur exhibitor, April 7th – May 4th 2017, Standby, Ugly Duck, Off Quay, London.

Mitch Vowels exhibitor, 16th – 24th June  2017, Chelsea Degree Show, London.

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Billy Fraser & Chalres Britton collaborate for KALLIDA FESTIVAL 2017 Baskerville Hall, Wales, UK.
26th - 30th July,
3D Infinite mirror box constructed around Think Tank, laser cut structure inspired by brutalist architecture & ultra violet lighting submerged within the space.

‘Billy Fraser, Eyesymetric Productions and La Schmoove will help transform Baskerville Hall in Wales at the festival, which is happening on July 28th and 29th. (The music will be dished out by the likes of Mella Dee, DJ Storm, Swing Ting and Nubiyan Twist.)’ - Residentadvisor, 2017

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Stalemate & 381,000,000 bc

'MUTANTS', Hosted by Lincoln Projects. Burlington Camden, 90 - 94 Baynes Street, Camden, London.
Featuring; Nathaniel Faulkner, Billy Fraser, Andy Gomez, Realf Heygate, Mimi Hope, JJ Lincoln, Sid & Jim, Joe Richardson, Fred Le Seuer, Maddy Whitelaw.

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Kingdom I
Titians Shade (Ivory Black)
Its Art Call 2017’ D-Contemporary Gallery & The Culture House
23 Grafton St, Mayfair, London W1S 4EY August 2017

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Temporary painting, Landscape and Portrait September, 2015 - September, 2017

57 x 80 cm, Dye & spray paint on stretched canvas panel.

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Situated painting - Titians Shade, Military Camo Black, CRY HAVOC! curated with Tom Ribot for ‘High Rise’ , Safe House I, Peckham, London, UK. September 2017.